New York has a hidden weapon

New York has a hidden weapon

“New York has a secret weapon and entrepreneur in the making”.

Breath of Fresh Air

Amagiri Young is a young artist and rising entrepreneur hailing from New York but currently residing in Virginia a underground gem waiting to be discovered and quickly gaining buzz with his hit single “Girlfriend”. With the reminiscence of a Jaheim and versatile flow and range of a R.Kelly or Drake its safe to say Amagiri has made a notch in the game.

Girlfriend is a great song with the vibrate mix of melody and rap it is a very nice cocktail for a listener to enjoy and the video is a sweet story of a enticing budding romance. From beginning to end the song draws the listener in and there’s love for the ladies with a sweet song and something for the street men who are in love to with the gritty flow at the end. Amagiri has paved his way not only into the music game but also as a young business man in the African American community proving that with hard work dreams can come true. With his business Reality and Growth his company is making a difference in the community and music with his own label Real Geez he employs other artist,models and other entertainment people. Being a artist in his own right with music being his childhood love and following the steps of his idol Tupac, his music ranges from love songs to motivation to the hard core reality of life and how things are. His music is a mix of life not leaving anyone out in the cold there’s something for everyone so we can all take a slice of the pie. You looking for a breathe of fresh air and a great mixture of life and for all my 80’s babies such as myself, his music took me back to the days music made you feel what the artist was saying and the songs had meaning and feeling and the artist was someone on your block. His style definitely takes you back to music being music and not a social media trap or a auto tune overload, its safe to say society is waking up and Amagiri is in view of us all. Girlfriend is this summer’s love anthem and catchy video that is sure to keep racking up views on YouTube and making Amagiri a household name.


Amagiri Young can be viewed on multiple sites for his music and business for all fans and anyone wanting to inquire about business.